Meadowlands has experienced hunter/jumper coaches that offer lessons for beginners who are just starting out to advanced riders competing at national-level Gold shows. Whether you just want to be a recreational rider or a more serious competitive rider, we offer something for everyone.

With an emphasis on safety, riders are placed on experienced horses and ponies so that they can develop confidence right from the beginning. Novice riders begin in lunge lessons so that they can develop their seat and balance before learning how to navigate and steer their horse/pony. Once they have mastered the walk and trot on the lunge line, riders will then join a group of riders at the same level. Our excellent instructors work hard to create a fun, enjoyable atmosphere, all while ensuring that each rider learns proper basics and correct equitation.

For the more competitive rider, Meadowlands offers half-lease or lease of a horse/pony that they may show. Leasing a horse/pony gives you an opportunity to ride more often and properly develop your riding skills. Leasing an experienced mount gives the rider an excellent introduction to the world of horse showing and can be a nice stepping stone to owning your own horse/pony.

Meadowlands offers a package of four lessons per month for $160+HST. Lessons are to be paid on the 1st of each month. Please note that if less than 48 hours notice is given, there are no refunds or substitutions for missed lessons unless a medical certificate is provided.